Erectile Dysfunction

How Much Cenforce is Too Much?

How Much Cenforce is Too Much?

Your brain must be flooding with a lot of questions when you’re having erectile dysfunction. Some men may even suffer silently while some are courageous enough to approach the doctor and find effective treatment options like Cenforce tablets.

If you have been prescribed this ED medicine and using it already, you must be aware of how helpful it is. Whether you buy Cenforce online or from your nearest medical store, it will still be effective. But, if you are planning to consume it more than the prescribed dosage, this read will be your brief guide.

What Amount of Daily Cenforce Should Be Used?

Before hopping on to Cenforce dosage, you should have to get the relevant one prescribed by the doctor. For instance, Cenforce is available as Cenforce 100mgCenforce 150mgCenforce 200mgCenforce D, etc.

Though Cenforce is mostly consumed as one tablet per day, you should ask your doctor about the ideal dosage strength for you. Moreover, you should ask them about the ideal timings for using this ED medicine. It will help you ensure that you’re not only gulping this tablet for the sake of treating impotence but making the most out of it.

The Effect of Using Cenforce for Six Months (at least)

This is a fact unknown to most men until they start using Cenforce. Well, you should be using Cenforce tablets for at least six months to witness its effectiveness in full swing. This is because you cannot expect improvements in erections overnight.

When you start using Cenforce tablets, it will initially take a couple of weeks or more than a month for Sildenafil to gel with your system. Thereafter, it will show improvements in erections. All you have to do is have patience while using this ED pill if you want it to work. It is a reliable impotence medicine indeed, but you’ll have to trust the process.

When is the Best Time to Use Cenforce Pills?

As mentioned above, buying Cenforce online does not get your job done. You should keep track of timings to use Cenforce tablets. Ideally, it should be used before at least 30 minutes or 1 hour of the planned sexual intercourse. This golden rule is implemented because it gives ample time for Sildenafil to activate & allow desired hardness to show up.

For How Long You Should Use Cenforce Tablets?

This gets to be one of the most common questions among men using Cenforce. Ask your doctor about this as they can only decide the ideal consumption duration for you. For instance, some men may heal from ED within 8 months while some have to use this impotence medicine for more than a year. Overall, it depends on the patient’s health conditions and requirements for treating ED that the ideal consumption duration is decided.

Visit your doctor frequently to find out about yours.

When You Should Discontinue Cenforce?

Don’t discontinue Cenforce suddenly because stopping to use this ED pill has more chances of increasing side effects. Your doctor will guide you more on how to discontinue it without seeing withdrawal symptoms.

Already consulted the doctor? Buy Cenforce Online!

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